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  • Please note that all our IT Platform Solutions comply with the requirements of PDPA with regard to Anonymisation, Truncation and Masking within the Definition of " Personal data". All data are collated within ambit of Schedule 2, 3 and 4 of the Act.
  • Mobile number and Deep Profilings are Prescored and Geofenced to the targeted market. These data are invisible to the subscribers/public and are all machine generated.
  • Amicus Solutions (another legal entity) were penalised for infringing PDPA on one isolated incident that happened 4 years ago. The release of mobile number then are in the gray zone. And Amicus Solutions have withheld the release/sale of mobile since 4 years ago. ( Caveats data on ownership information purchased on behalf of agents for due diligence are exempted under Schedules 2,3 and 4. )
  • We have since 2014 cleared in excess of 100 million DNC filters with PDPC, and delivered 18 millions SMS, average of 3 millions p.a. All were within and permissible within the Act.
  • William Lai
  • Amicus
  • Data Protection Officer

SMS will be charged at $0.12 per SMS

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WE ARE DNC READY AND DNC SMART FROM JANUARY 2014. Latest Scrub Date 1st June 2019. Valid till 30th June 2019. Total Scrubbed to-date is 94.87 million.

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